razvojni projekti tvrtke

We assure you that you will by reading the following pages for a moment forget the harsh reality and that will take you into a world of fantasy, fun and pleasure for both your love ones and for you. 

USLUGA Ltd. wants to serve you for a long time just to you the most joyous way and that is why we have expanded our product range, embellished and adapted to you.
Our experience over the years and your suggestions have led us to the development of new products tailored to your needs and preferences for as better time to have a break in the city, in your own garden or park, after hard work you and your children can find endless entertainment in our courts tended according to European standards.
Company USLUGA Ltd. in-factory produces a wide range of products for children, for your pleasant stay in the city, nature and the rest, as well as a beautiful view of the decorated and clean surfaces.